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Malaysia is home to a wide variety of unique foods. We are here to present our customers to the taste of Malaysia as an authentic Malaysian restaurant. After our "Flying Noodle" dish, here comes our second new dish! 


"Crispy Fried Fish'' is the name of this dish. May choose either cooked by egg floss or cereals. It's a deep-fried fish with egg floss/cereals, eggs, and curry leaves in it. 


What makes this dish unique is that we helped in removing the meats from the fish and preparing them as filets. However, we will continue to keep the fish for those who may enjoy both. As a result, this dish is perfect for both those who dislike fish bones and those who enjoy them. Cereals play an important part in this recipe since they enhance the flavour. 


Make sure to place your order with us at least one day ahead of time. It's worthwhile to give this a try.


☎️ 604-559-9898

📍1316 W 73rd Avenue Vancouver BC

马来西亚是各种独特食物的故乡。作为一家正宗的马来西亚餐厅,我们在这里向顾客展示马来西亚的味道。在我们的 "飞天面 "菜肴之后,我们的第二道新菜来了!


"栋笃鱼 "是这道菜的名字。可选蛋丝或麦片的做法。这是一道油炸的鱼,里面有蛋丝/麦片、鸡蛋和咖喱叶。





☎️ 604-559-9898

📍1316 W 73rd Avenue Vancouver BC

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